Welcome to Batshit Crazy Farms! Batshit Crazy Farms
Visit us and take the garden tour.

"Farmer's Market" and Open House Events

Saturdays 8am to 2pm - July, August, September

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Ok so it's not really a farmer's market - it's just hanging out, taking a tour, maybe singing a little karaoke, filling up a bag with excess produce, checking out what else we might have for sale. Stop by and see what you can snag for dinner!

All of our produce is 100% organic - pesticide-free - heirloom varieties - "gluten free"

Fresh produce is pay what you can when you can - donations accepted but not expected. We do this for the love of gardening, good food, learning, and a sense of community. But feel free to buy our logoed products to help defray costs.

We have t-shirts!!!! Limited quantity

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm!!! Made with beeswax from our own hives.

See full price list below for all of our private-labelled items

Excess harvest available - No Prices but donations to our honor box graciously accepted

On the cart or fresh picked

Fresh Herbs
Subject to availability

Picked fresh on request only
Subject to availability
Swiss Chard

Packaged items available:

Batshit Crazy Farms T-Shirt (Men's and Women's Sizes - White or Grey $15)

Lip Balm ($2.50)

Dried Hot Pepper Powder ($5)

Other organically grown dried herbs ($3)

Sunflower seeds packed for the 2020 planting season - exercise your inner batshit craziness with your own patch of 15 foot tall mammoth sunflowers ($1)

Pumpkin Butter - 1/2 pint ($2) *

* Return our canning jars and reusable Tattler lid and get $1 off your next purchase

Karaoke - Weather Permitting

Sing for your supper

Short on cash? Sing a song for us and be part of the fun. We have an annual subscription to SingSnap.com so search for a song you want to sing before stopping by.